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You know the .ORG domain extension – made up of those three trustworthy and spirited little letters to the right of the dot? Did you know that someone operates it? Well, we are that someone, your Public Interest Registry.

For us, the concept of acting in the public interest means providing a platform that enables every voice to be heard. With .ORG, over 10.3 million people, individuals, and organizations have shared their passions, causes and reasons to tell their own stories and carry out their missions. It’s the purposeful and collaborative nature that .ORGs evoke – when they promote an idea, provide relief efforts, raise funds and awareness for a given cause, and when they simply want to give back – that inherently creates a sense of community. We feel humbled to provide this platform that empowers voices like yours because the pages of our story are truly written by all of you.

In addition to .ORG, Public Interest Registry will begin adding to its non-commercial portfolio in early 2014. First, we will launch our new International Domain Names (IDNs), including .संगठन, .机构, & .орг; the translated equivalents of “organization” and “institution” in Hindi, Chinese, and Cyrillic, respectively. Later in the year, we look forward to introducing .NGO, an online space exclusively for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and .ONG, the translated counterpart of .NGO for regions that speak Romance Languages (i.e. French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian).

Wherever there are opportunities to serve the public interest online, we are in it together.